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Unique artwork ...

One Bowl May Take Hundreds Of Hours

When you purchase from WOODEN BOWL CREATIONS you will own the only bowl of its kind in the world.  This collection of less than 100 bowls, has been described as "Gallery Grade."  We don't duplicate

bowls ... or cut corners to save time. 

A few bowls, clearly identified, closely followed a published guide in order for the artist to hone new skills and techniques.  The result is that only a few expert bowl turners would attempt the complexity and size of many bowls in this collection.

Yes, it takes hundreds of hours are needed to create a one-of-a-kind wooden bowl.  Our simplest bowls are crafted from rare, hand-selected wood for its unique character.  Our segmented bowls may contain more than a thousand individual pieces of hardwood obtained from sustainable sources around the world.

While each bowl begins with a concept / design in mind, expert wood turner, Lou Marsh, always listens to the wood itself ... taking advantage of special features as wood chips fall to the floor.